Mintycoco's easy 3 steps and a handy little nutrition table!

Feb 23 2016

Mintycoco is like a natural minty flavoured mouthwash which traps the billions of bad bacteria, viruses and fungi caused by the tooth decay and gum disease in your mouth. Mintycoco is the only oil pulling formula made with the Vitalock™ 100% raw alkaline extra virgin organic coconut oil, handpicked by our Fairtrade farmers in Sri Lanka.
Three simple steps make a Mintycoco morning the best way to start your day. 
Step 1 - Tear
Rip open one of your Mintycoco Sachets and pour the delicious coconut oil into your mouth. If it feels a little solid that's fine just warm it up in your hands first.
Step 2 - Swirl
You simply swirl and swish delicious Mintycoco then spit out this toxic overload before you brush your teeth. The toxins are captured in the raw alkaline coconut and peppermint oils within Mintycoco, which are clinically proven to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral.
Step 3 -
Spit out your Mintycoco oils along with all those nasty little toxins. Spit it straight into the bin or toilet, otherwise the oil could solidify again and clog your drains.
If you don't oil pull with Mintycoco, these Bad Bugs invade your blood stream via sub lingual absorption, constantly inflaming your body and weakening your system. 
Mintycoco whitens your teeth and removes plaque so your Kissability rating goes through the roof!
Every Mintycoco sachet supports children in Sri Lanka escape extreme poverty through Mintycoco Giveback. So everyone smiles brighter.
Ever wonder about the wonders of Mintycoco coconut oils? Check out this little table for any nutritional info.
Mintycoco is best used as an initial 14 Day Detox and then as a daily habit.
It's recommended to use your first box within the first fortnight so you get the intense minty fresh detox advantage of cleaning your mouth and body thoroughly.
Then move to using a box of Mintycoco every month, establishing a daily habit with just half a sachet a day. This makes it super affordable.
Get your Mintycoco today.
Keep Changing The World One Smile At A Time.

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Mintycoco is an all natural oral detox, designed to erase stains from your teeth
and eliminate bad bacteria for a whiter smile and a healthier mouth.

Using our unique Vitalock system to extract the coconut oil from organically grown Sri Lankan coconuts,
we have created the world's most advanced and most delicious oil pulling formula
with a soft peppermint flavour for long lasting freshness.

Delivered to you in convenient sachet form, oil pulling with Mintycoco is as easy as tear - swish - spit - smile.
Simply swish Mintycoco around your mouth for 5-15 minutes, spit it out and brush your teeth afterwards.
It'll leave your teeth visibly whiter, feeling smooth, incredibly clean and your mouth healthy.

What people are saying about us...

"I certainly have noticed a change in my teeth, as an owner of teeth that are some natural and some veneer, my natural teeth always seem to discolour from the unattainable porcelain. This making them stand out and not look as natural. But since using this, my teeth are now back in sync with my veneer without the use or strong abrasive toothpastes."
Stewart, Amazon Customer

"I love this product, it has improved the whiteness of my teeth and really makes my mouth feel healthier. I could see a difference in a matter of days and would definitely recommend it to any one."
Talitha, Mintycoco Customer

"I bought this for my daughter to try as she suffers from teeth which overlap in places making it very difficult to clean them fully in between. She has used this product for just over a week now and the difference to the look of her teeth and her breath is fantastic."
Sherry, Amazon Customer
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