[VIDEO] Menopausal Mum's Try Oil Pulling For The First Time - Dramatic Results!

Apr 11 2016 Tags: mintycoco, oil pulling, oil pulling therapy, oil pulling which tastes good, organic coconut oil pulling

Missy and Shirley from the "We've Tried It" Show try oil pulling with store bought coconut oil for the first time.

Could they hack it?

One of them did a full course and had drastic results for her menopause and teeth whiteness!

Watch to see how they got on and what amazing results they had!



Incase you can't watch the video right now, Shirley noticed some great improvements after oil pulling with coconut oil:

  • Improvement in hot flashes
  • Teeth looking whiter
  • Reduction in blocked sinus's 

As coconut oil has a whole range of natural benefits including being naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory it can be a really great way of naturally relieving all sorts of menopause symptoms! 

If you're like Missy and don't think you can hack raw coconut oil you might be better off checking out our Peppermint Flavoured Oil Pulling Kit Here which is conveniently packed into single use sachets for a great tasting, no mess oil pulling solution!

You can warm the sachet up before use as well making it super easy to use and swish around your mouth without the need for it to melt in the mouth first. 

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Mintycoco is an all natural oral detox, designed to erase stains from your teeth
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Stewart, Amazon Customer

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