how oil pulling works and why it's good for your mouth and skin

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We look at the reasons why oil pulling works and how it can affect both the health of your mouth and the rest of your body!

Why Coconut Oil Pulling Is So Important

Did you know that tooth decay, known professionally as dental caries, is the most prevalent health problem among Australians and throughout the industrialised world?

Gum disease also affects the majority of adults. Gingivitis is early gum disease, affecting the surface layers of the gum. Signs are bleeding, redness and swelling.

Most people are advised that the best solution is to continue brushing and that’s true but there’s a big problem: bacteria and/or fungus in the mouth resulting from tooth decay and gum disease then invade the rest of the body.

It’s been proven that brushing and flossing can allow these bad germs to penetrate the body en masse, causing havoc.

We’re not talking about a few bacteria either - the average person has 8 BILLION bacteria in her mouth!

So oil pulling especially first thing in the morning “captures” those bacteria which become trapped in the antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal coconut oil and peppermint combination. You then simply spit out the results, into your bathroom waste paper bin for example, then when you brush and floss, your mouth bacteria level is far more balanced by all the good guys who travel in your saliva.

Sorry if that sounds gross but that’s how it works.

Oil pulling loosens plaque too which makes your teeth whiter.

The most delicious and convenient way to oil pull is with Mintycoco’s pure organic formula.

Take the Mintycoco 14 Day Challenge and find out for yourself how good it feels to have a really clean mouth and white teeth.

Our organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil comes from organic farmers in Sri Lanka. Every sachet sold supports girls and boys who otherwise would exist in extreme poverty: we help The Rainbow Centre in Sri Lanka to provide loving care, education, medical and dental health, breaking the cycle of despair. So it’s not just you who is smiling bright!

Love to all you Mintycoconuts,



PS did I mention that Mintycoco's delicious? Taste it for yourself :)



(AHMAC 2001). The measure is based on the World Health Organization (WHO) protocol (WHO 1997), with additional guidelines from Palmer et al. (1984).

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Mintycoco is an all natural oral detox, designed to erase stains from your teeth
and eliminate bad bacteria for a whiter smile and a healthier mouth.

Using our unique Vitalock system to extract the coconut oil from organically grown Sri Lankan coconuts,
we have created the world's most advanced and most delicious oil pulling formula
with a soft peppermint flavour for long lasting freshness.

Delivered to you in convenient sachet form, oil pulling with Mintycoco is as easy as tear - swish - spit - smile.
Simply swish Mintycoco around your mouth for 5-15 minutes, spit it out and brush your teeth afterwards.
It'll leave your teeth visibly whiter, feeling smooth, incredibly clean and your mouth healthy.

What people are saying about us...

"I certainly have noticed a change in my teeth, as an owner of teeth that are some natural and some veneer, my natural teeth always seem to discolour from the unattainable porcelain. This making them stand out and not look as natural. But since using this, my teeth are now back in sync with my veneer without the use or strong abrasive toothpastes."
Stewart, Amazon Customer

"I love this product, it has improved the whiteness of my teeth and really makes my mouth feel healthier. I could see a difference in a matter of days and would definitely recommend it to any one."
Talitha, Mintycoco Customer

"I bought this for my daughter to try as she suffers from teeth which overlap in places making it very difficult to clean them fully in between. She has used this product for just over a week now and the difference to the look of her teeth and her breath is fantastic."
Sherry, Amazon Customer
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