Benefits And Side Effects Of A 14 Day Oil Pulling Experiment

Aug 06 2017

So, what’s all the rave about oil pulling?

Is it a hoax or the real deal?

Here is the skinny about oil pulling, so you be the judge.

Oil pulling involves rinsing (swishing) a small amount of coconut oil around in your mouth to remove bad bugs (If you really want to know, it’s about one tablespoon.) While swishing, microbes and bacteria in your mouth, hiding in crevices in your gums, inside pores and within tooth decay are picked up by the oil, leaving your mouth bacteria free.

Mmm!  Not convinced?

Our mouths are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that not even the strongest alcohol based mouthwash can touch.

Yuck! :(

But oil pulling is your secret agent. Coconut oil pulling acts as a magnet for bacteria and removes every trace of it. It takes you no extra time because you just do this while showering, getting dressed or whatever else you do in the morning. Experts do it for up to 20 minutes.

20 minutes??!  (Yeah, I know it’s a long time, but health professionals say it’s worth it!) After swishing, the oil turns milky white and the bacteria is captured in the oil. Then you spit it out and Voila! You get a minty fresh super clean mouth. It’s the best no-diet detox!

There are many claims floating around about the benefits of oil pulling from people who have tried it and swear that it has helped them with halitosis, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity,  gingivitis, cavities, acne - and of course whiter teeth.

But I don’t want to convince you of anything today.

What’s your take on it?

Will you tell us on our FB page?

James Wilson, who writes on HealDove, wrote about the benefits and side effects of a 14 day oil pulling experiment.

James has worked in the dental technology field for over fifteen years, advising dental practices on intraoral imaging technologies. Here's what James says...


Lessons Learned from Day One: 


 My teeth felt clean and looked, perhaps, a little brighter. My gums seemed a little redder than normal, and there was a pleasant tingling feeling.

As an added bonus I had lost my appetite as well, mostly because I hated to pollute my mouth after going to such extreme measures to cleanse it. It should be noted that I did spend the rest of day one with a slightly oily sensation in my mouth. It did not taste like the oil, but felt somewhat greasy. 

Results and Lessons Learned on Day Two: 

The coconut did not leave a lingering texture or taste in my mouth, and by midday it seemed to me that the skin on my hands was growing softer. That was something that I had noticed when I did the Master Cleanse Detox. Perhaps the oil pulling does have a detoxifying component to it.

Results By Day 3


My teeth were definitely whiter after three days.
Other results reported... "At 50 years of age, with 35 of those years spent smoking, my teeth had developed a yellowish tinge around the edges. The yellowing was gone, and my teeth appeared glossier.Tooth sensitivity had also decreased substantially, and my gums were looking and feeling healthier.There was also an unexpected benefit, one that I can only attribute to my experiment, and I am curious to see if this benefit repeats one month from now. Typically, when my period arrives, I endure hormone-related acne and sometimes severe cramps. For the first time, ever, I had no cramps or acne on the chin. This benefit alone could be worth the trouble."

Dental Hygiene Benefits:

  • My teeth were getting much whiter. I estimate that they were at least two shades whiter than they were at the start. In the past, dental bleaching kits had not improved the yellowing on my teeth very much, and had caused some sensitivity issues that had remained for several years. Much of that sensitivity was now gone.

  • My gums were healthier in color, and some of the recession had improved in one area noticeably.

  • Flossing was much more comfortable as well.

  • My tooth enamel appeared glossier, and there was a more even tone across all of my teeth.

Systemic Health Benefits

  • Skin benefits: As the largest organ in our body and the second most powerful detoxifying organ (the liver is number one), healthier looking and feeling skin might indicate a systemic benefit. As noted by day two, the skin on my hands felt softer.

  • By the end of week one, the skin on my hands was softer and marginally less "crepey".

  • The pores on my face had noticeably reduced in size, and my skin was smoother with fewer fine lines.

  • Hormone-related acne was almost non-existent.

Improved Energy Levels

  • Until starting the experiment, a tall cup of coffee was required to get my engine started in the morning. Two days into the experiment, I actually forgot to make my coffee until midday, and only made it then because I missed the taste of coffee.

  • Additionally, over the last few months, lunch had become a sleeping tonic for me. Thirty minutes after eating, I regularly felt like I needed a nap, especially if lunch was high in carbohydrates. While pulling oil for the first week, there were no after-lunch drowses, and I was more productive in general.

  • I slept better this week, and was not getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

  • As a smoker, my breathing felt easier, and I experienced less morning hack and congestion.

After 2 Weeks

My skin looked a little younger and healthier. My energy levels remained high, and I was more productive at work.

WOW! Those Are Some Significant Benefits!

Like James, I started oil pulling a few years ago and experienced many of the same benefits - whiter teeth, better health.

But like James, I hated using plain oil.

So I created Mintycoco: individual recyclable packets of extra virgin organic coconut and peppermint oils, perfectly flavoured, giving back to children in Sri Lanka.

We'd love you to try it so have arranged a free trial opportunity - apply for free packets of Mintycoco by clicking...


You can see a short video I've made explaining how it works.

We have even made an oil pulling version for kids to combat the terrible dental problems children are experiencing: you can find MouthMonsters on our main Mintycoco page. Hope this helps you maintain your oil pulling habit: integrative health specialists, doctors, dentists and naturopaths say oil pulling is the #1 health habit. 

Hope this helps you begin or maintain your oil pulling habit because integrative health specialists, doctors, dentists and naturopaths say oil pulling is the #1 health habit. 


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